Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Lake, Part 2

We were lucky enough to get our own week up at VBP, this meant we had 1 week with Nate's family and then a week for our family. Nate and I decided that it would be even better if my sister and her family joined us. 4 adults, 1 kid and 2 babies up at the lake. Considering the additional stresses in our life right now, this escape was needed for all. 

Nate and I got up to the lake on a Saturday and were able to spend some time with some of his extended family who were still there. Always a good time. And we got to celebrate Paul's birthday!

Nate's cousins playing with Ella
Admiring the new picture wall
Birthday time. 

We got settled in and enjoyed the beach while waiting for the Eve family to arrive at VBP. They only got lost at the end of the trip when their GPS took them past the entrance and towards a boat ramp into the bay. Pretty successful trip with their 2 little ones. 

Beach babe
Savannah heading to the water with her dad and uncle Nate 
Sisters rocking the babies in the baby bjornes
Building a secret sand castle with uncle Nate 

There were non beach moments since it was a bit nippy and we had some rain. Savannah's my little pony collection grew this week. 

My little ponies with aunt Emily 
And Savannah went for the big slide. No fear!

Baby Cici got to try puffs. She loved them. 
Baby Ella enjoying aunt Colleen time
Taking walks around VBP
Ella giggling with uncle Candler. 
Cousins chilling in the strollers so we can let savannah play at the playground 
Sunset time. Here are several nights. As Colleen said, it is like a Bob Ross painting. It has happy clouds. 
We had some fun adventures together. The babies kept opposite nap schedules, so that made hanging out together hard. Savannah always had someone to play with. 

Taking walks with the baby and princess savannah. 
There was a craft every day!
We taught Savannah the art of looking for lucky stones. 

Ella refusing to sleep=sunset with dad

The men took a trip to Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY since it claims it created buffalo wings 

The girls in exchange got a kid free afternoon. We checked out a local bakery in Fredonia. It was amazing. 

We got Amish doughnuts and then went to luenzmans(sp?) overlook park to enjoy them. On a clear day you can see Canada. 
Finishing her doughnut

The last night with everyone was a special night. We made smores on the beach. 
A glow bracelet dance. 

It is always hard to say goodbye

Till next time. 

I added some new artwork to the cottage. I hope you all get the joke. The table cloth caused many a twist tie to go missing. Can you find them all?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

4 months

I cannot believe our little Ella is 4 months old. She is getting so big. It had been a blessing that I have been able to be home with her and see all of her developments. She continues to work on rolling. She loves to stand up from laying down. She will hold onto our hands and pull herself up. She prefers to be upright. Hates laying down unless she is on her play mat. 

Her doctor visit went well. She smiled at everyone. She impressed the doctor. He stayed that she is acting like a 6 month old. She is also long and skinny. In the 50th percentile for length and head circumference, but much lower for weight. She is just slender. 

11 lbs 4 oz
41 cm head circumference 

Ella gets a card

My grandparents, Ella's great grandparents, are wonderful and thoughtful people. They just sent Ella her first card for no reason. A "just because" card. It was so sweet. So, I let Ella hold and open it. She seemed to enjoy it. She even got a gift card so that mom or dad could take her to target to help her get something for the lake. Here are the photos. 

Love them so much.