Friday, May 31, 2013

2 Months...Mom is in denial about this

My baby is 2 months old (3/30/13). I cannot believe it.  Before her doctor appointments, Nate and I like to guess her weight and see who wins (Price is Right rules).  Guesses before the 2 month appointment: Nate, 8 lbs 13 oz; Emily, 9 lbs 2 oz.

Actuals: 9 lbs 4.2 oz, 22.5 inches long and head circumference 37.75 cm
So, the one lugging the baby around the most was right :) no prize for winning, just bragging rights.

The rest of her well visit with the doctor went well. They continue to be impressed with her. She holds her head well, started rolling from her tummy to her back at 6 weeks, already tries to stand and walk when you hold her and is very alert and chatty. She gave everyone smiles and performed well. We did well until it was vaccine time. The doctor was done with her exam and blessed us off for 2 more months, and then in comes the nurse.  My poor baby got 1 oral and 2 shots.  I have never heard her scream like that, broke my heart. I will admit that when the nurse left us and I was holding her that I cried. I know that I'm doing what I think is right for my baby, but I put her in pain.  I was able to calm her down in a few minutes and we made a stop on the way home to pick up the baby tylenol...and it was a life saver. Ella was fussy for the next 2 days.  No moderate or severe side effects, just the expected low fever and fussiness.

I did take some pictures of the band aids, just because they looked so big on her tiny thighs.

I also attempted to take 2 month pictures. My sister's sister-in-law gave me an awesome present for Ella's shower. White onesies, pink and white leg warmers and stickers showing what month.  I'm so not great at pictures, but here is my attempt. I also added a headband that came from a co-worker. I thought it was a cute ensemble.  Nate thinks she looked like an 80s workout girl (can't argue: leotard, leg warmers, headband).
Tired of her headband

One of the better options, but she still moved in this one!

Ooops! Can't see.

Her bear, so we can compare them as she grows.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Ella has started to reach for items, and she is beginning to discover her hands.  I was able to get her to hold her rattle while I changed her and captured her joy of holding the rattle. Love it.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ryan and Kate's Going Away Party

Ryan and Kate will soon be leaving the Pittsburgh area for Ryan's residency.  Kate's oldest brother threw them a going away party and with a surprise of inviting their friends and family.  It was a great turnout. We arrived a little late due to Ella's feeding/sleeping schedule. It was wonderful to see everyone and Ella got passed around.  Good luck to Ryan and Kate on their new adventure.

Marie (Great Aunt) and Jeanne (Grandma) and Ella

Grandpa Dave is still with her (Not sure how many people he let hold her)

Some last cuddles with Uncle Ryan

Rocking her hat...I don't think it lasted long

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ella's First Visit to Ohio

Due to Nate's travel schedule for work, I decided it was a good time to travel to Ohio.  My sister had her second daughter six weeks before Ella was born, so we haven't seen each other in months.  Also, our babies had not met.  This was very difficult to deal with.  Next time, we will plan the babies better ;)

The trip from PA to OH was OK. Except that: Ella refused to take the bottle I had brought; I ended up nursing in the back of the car, on a hot day, in a Sheets parking lot; Ella cried the last 15 minutes of the drive.

Once at my parents house, Ella settled down and relaxed.  The cousins (Savannah and Cecilia) and my sister came over. It was a wonderful meeting. I had not seen Savannah or my sister in months, and I had never met baby Cici.  They were also excited to meet baby Ella


Savvy likes the babies

Aunt Colleen meeting baby Ella

Savvy meeting cousin Ella, and she does such a great job holding the baby, she is getting so big!

Aunt Emily meeting baby Cici

Savannah tried to hold baby Ella, announced she liked the baby and then went off to find toys to play with. Colleen and I each enjoyed holding the new nieces and catching up.

It was a fun few days. Ella got to meet new people and spend time with the Ohio grandparents.

She also got to meet her other Uncle, Candler Eve (she has met her Uncles Matt and Ryan already).

The drive back to PA was OK. Except that: Ella exploded (and I mean all over her outfit) out of her diaper when I needed to feed her and would not settle back down or relax; she cried for the rest of the ride (about an hour).

I hope to make more trips to Ohio with Ella, but I hope I can bring Nate along too.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rolling Over

AT 6 weeks, Ella decided it was time to start rolling over.  She had already been using tummy time as a chance to strengthen those legs and would scoot across her play mat by pushing off of our hands with her feet.

She then (according to the books, accidentally) rolled from her tummy to her back.  I finally got it on video.  She has since also learned to roll without pushing and being in mid scoot.

According to the books she is a week early. Though I know this is all normal, I'm going to again sit here beaming thinking she is advanced :) Let me enjoy it. 

I also captured her rolling over without pushing off of our hands. She is getting so big.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First Mother's Day

I want to thank Nate for giving me a wonderful first Mother's Day, and to my Ella for making me a mom.  Nate asked his parents to babysit so that we could enjoy a nice dinner out.  We went to Springfield Grille nearby so I could have a nice medium-rare steak, something I craved but could not have during pregnancy.  We had a lovely time out.  Then on Sunday, we drove to his parents house and had a wonderful gathering with his parents and Grandma Alice.  A few other visitors came by as well, and Ella slept through most of it.

Ella made Grandma Jeanne a flower pot with a butterfly made from her feet

Ella made Grandma Rene` a picture frame with her feet in a heart

We kept the butterfly theme going for Mother's day,  Ella matched her gift to grandma

Great Grandma Alice feeding Ella

Grandma Jeanne holding Ella

The moms on Mother's day with baby Ella
I wanted to add a picture of my gift. Nate designed a necklace charm. It is Ella's initials in the shape of a heart and it contains her birthstone. I love it.