Monday, September 30, 2013

6 Months

Out little Ella is now 6 months old. I cannot believe she has been with us for half a year. Ella is a strong little girl. She currently loves to babble and sing. She says ma-ma and da-da. Not really for us, but sometimes she gets it right. She loves going to Kindermusik and having play dates with her friends. She started army crawling at 6.5 months. She will walk when holding onto your hands. She loves playing with the cat. She also continues to love her jumper, exersaucer and walker. She is our outdoor baby and continues to love hikes and runs with us.

Her favorite foods are: sweet potatoes, squash, pears, carrots and banana. 
She does not care for peas, green beans and is only ok with peaches. 

Her stats: 12 lbs 11 oz, 25.75" and 42 cm for head circ. 

She is still long and lean. 

Trying cereal
Showing off the crawl pose
Mmmmmm, sweet potatoes!

Wiggle worm doesn't even stop for diaper changes anymore. 
Pulling up on her toys. She can roll everywhere now. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 months

I cannot believe that my baby is 5 months old. She is getting so long. She giggles and blows raspberries non stop. She has rolling over figured out and now sleeps on her stomach. She is working on crawling but has not quite figured out how to keep her face up if her booty is up. Very cute to watch. Here are her 5 month pictures and some others I took recently. She is finally rocking her 3-6 month clothes. 

Rocking a new outfit. 

Ready to go on a run with mom

Happy girl

Giving me the look


Yes, I put on her matching zebra hat.