Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dirty Girl Mud Run

I completed my first mud run/obstacle race course since having Ella. It wasn't timed, and since it was an all girl race, it lacked any obstacles requiring upper body strength. This all means that I loved the course and we had a ton of fun. I was talked into this amazing race by my friend Jen and she talked her sister into running it. It would be fun to actually run/race this course with a bigger group next year. I will definitely work on recruiting some of you, this is your warning. Enjoy our muddy pictures. 

Our awesome photographer and cheering section. Nate and Ella went all over the course to cheer us on and take some pictures and video.

Posing in front of the course.

Not muddy yet...
Off we go!

Wall climb

Cargo net. Glad I know to roll across, much easier, safer and faster.


Helping each other up and out of the mud.

We are doing our best to not get muddy.
The slide was the best obstacle.

Almost done
Just a little muddy here

Group shot after the race.