Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ella Grace

Ella Grace Andrulonis
Ella is a perfect baby, she came out screaming and she had the longest finger nails and such dry skin. I guess that is what you get when you stay a week past your due date.  We were in the hospital for 2 more nights and then we were discharged on Monday. I was discharged by my doctor that was scheduled to induce me. Guess no induction is needed :) I want to add that the nurses all gushed about what a "beautiful baby" she is. Nate and I assumed they did this for everyone, but as a proud Mama I'm going to beam. She is beautiful.

Her beautiful, but very dry, feet
Ella had several visitors while in the hospital.  Both sets of grandparents and Uncle Matt.

Andrulonis Grandparents, grand daughter #1
Lorencen Grandparents, grand daughter #3
Uncle Matt
My mom stayed the week with us to help out, and Nate took the week off of work.  It was a wonderful week of no sleep and time getting to know our little girl.  She has very strong legs and this explains why my ribs were in such pain at the end of the pregnancy.

Leaving the hospital, so tiny in her carseat

Nate got us a cookie cake to celebrate Ella's birthday

My mom holding baby Ella the first day home
Over the next few weeks we continued to watch her grow and change.  She had her first doctor appointment and the doctor was very impressed with her reflexes and ability to grasp items.  She also showed him her spit -up abilities and got his pants when he flipped her over (secretly we were very proud since they kept us waiting for almost an hour).

The main hiccup we had was that after her 1st week she became very fussy, wanting to eat all the time and completely inconsolable at night and would scream for hours no matter what we did. This was too much for the new parents. After doing some research, talking to some people and realizing the baby probable inherited reflux problems from me, I called the doctor. She is much happier now that we have diagnosed and are dealing with her reflux. Poor little girl is going to have heartburn like me.

At her 1 month checkup she was up to 7lbs 13oz and 21" and very healthy. The doctor continues to comment on how wonderful she is. Makes me a proud mama.  She has continued to have a stream of visitors since coming home. Plenty of friends and family. My mom came back for a few days and Nate's Dad comes over on Wednesdays to help me with her.  It is such a blessing have them nearby to help.

Great Grandma Alice Andrulonis

Great Aunt Cindy Holland (Fun Fact: Ella has 3 Great Aunt Cindys)

Cousin Danielle

Great Uncles, Patrick and Michael

Great Aunt Nancy

Great Aunt Marie

Great Uncle Daniel

Uncle Ryan

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