Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thanksgiving was in Pittsburgh this year. We celebrated at the Andrews' home with the Winschel side of the family. Ella's first Thanksgiving was wonderful. She got to play with the cousins and great aunt and uncles, and she had her baby food with turkey and sweet potatoes.  She partied hard, but went down quietly for a snooze so we could have some adult time.
Ella in her party dress and Dad all dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ella and Grandma Jeanne

Ella finally meets her Great Uncle Gary, and Great Aunt Nancy gets some more hugs.

Grandma Jeanne had a present for Ella.

Present time? Ella is distracted by her toys.

What a pretty Christmas outfit!

Ella has her Turkey bib on, lets go people!

Ella is introduced to Dean.

Ella with Phil

Ella meets Bridget for the first time. Best friends.

Happy Birthday to Nate.

Cuddles with Great Aunt Marie.

Ella getting in on the games.

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