Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall activities

We have been very busy.  I'm going to add pictures and describe all if our goings on that way. Enjoy!

We are getting ready for Halloween. Ella loves the stuffed pumpkins and has a few cute outfits to rock. 
I decided I start being crafty again. Wreath #1 is for Halloween. 
Decorated the house and Nate is playing with Ella. 

Wreath #2 is a fall wreath to go up after Halloween. 
I ran the Pittsburgh Color Run with my friend Jen. This is the before picture. 
Ella was cheering for us, it was early and raining.

We ran through several color stations like this during the 5k
Jen after getting colored
Almost done!
After party color bomb...yes, we were in that. It was amazing and crazy. 

After. First 5k ever for Jen. So proud of her. My first 5k since Ella. Not a terrible time 32:30. 

We stayed with Nate's parents for the race. Ella's first overnight there. She was having fun playing with a pumpkin with grandma Jeanne. 
We went down to the point to see the duck. The giant, 4 story tall duck. First time in the USA. This was our weekly family activity. It was awesome because the point was open and the fountain was working. 

Ella was loving all of the people and babies. 
Duck in the mist. 

I swiped this one from the Internet. Love the duck!

She loves to walk. 
We can now wear bows!!!!!

I found the perfect blanket for game days. Ella watching the buckeyes beat the hawkeyes. 

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