Saturday, October 19, 2013

Family and Road Trips

We have been taking a lot of family trips this past month. With family leaving all over we have the opportunity to take Ella to other states and cities to see our loved ones. 

Ella was able to spend a weekend with her uncle Ryan and aunt Kate. We took a tour of Ryan's clinic and had a great weekend hanging out. Ella also got to see her uncle Matt. We also learned that Ella loves their dog Ace. She has a new buddy. 

We took a lovely hike our last day there. Wish we could have stayed longer. 

We then took a long weekend to go see Nate's cousin Maureen run in a x-country meet at Nate's alumni (Notre Dame). We had a night over in Sylvania, OH with family (Deans). A day on campus, drove to Columbus, OH for a day. Then back home. We got to see a lot of family. It was a great weekend. 
Cousin Paul gives hugs and snuggles. 

We found Nate's name in the Heritage Hall in the JACC. It was recently added since he lettered. Proud moment taking Ella to see it. 

Ella got to see touchdown Jesus. 

Ella says go Maureen :) sweaty hugs are the best!

Ella showing of her new ND dress
Playing with cousin Cici (Savvy was off playing since the babies were boring)
Sleeping and snuggling with grandma Rene'

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