Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ella's First Visit to Ohio

Due to Nate's travel schedule for work, I decided it was a good time to travel to Ohio.  My sister had her second daughter six weeks before Ella was born, so we haven't seen each other in months.  Also, our babies had not met.  This was very difficult to deal with.  Next time, we will plan the babies better ;)

The trip from PA to OH was OK. Except that: Ella refused to take the bottle I had brought; I ended up nursing in the back of the car, on a hot day, in a Sheets parking lot; Ella cried the last 15 minutes of the drive.

Once at my parents house, Ella settled down and relaxed.  The cousins (Savannah and Cecilia) and my sister came over. It was a wonderful meeting. I had not seen Savannah or my sister in months, and I had never met baby Cici.  They were also excited to meet baby Ella


Savvy likes the babies

Aunt Colleen meeting baby Ella

Savvy meeting cousin Ella, and she does such a great job holding the baby, she is getting so big!

Aunt Emily meeting baby Cici

Savannah tried to hold baby Ella, announced she liked the baby and then went off to find toys to play with. Colleen and I each enjoyed holding the new nieces and catching up.

It was a fun few days. Ella got to meet new people and spend time with the Ohio grandparents.

She also got to meet her other Uncle, Candler Eve (she has met her Uncles Matt and Ryan already).

The drive back to PA was OK. Except that: Ella exploded (and I mean all over her outfit) out of her diaper when I needed to feed her and would not settle back down or relax; she cried for the rest of the ride (about an hour).

I hope to make more trips to Ohio with Ella, but I hope I can bring Nate along too.

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