Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First Mother's Day

I want to thank Nate for giving me a wonderful first Mother's Day, and to my Ella for making me a mom.  Nate asked his parents to babysit so that we could enjoy a nice dinner out.  We went to Springfield Grille nearby so I could have a nice medium-rare steak, something I craved but could not have during pregnancy.  We had a lovely time out.  Then on Sunday, we drove to his parents house and had a wonderful gathering with his parents and Grandma Alice.  A few other visitors came by as well, and Ella slept through most of it.

Ella made Grandma Jeanne a flower pot with a butterfly made from her feet

Ella made Grandma Rene` a picture frame with her feet in a heart

We kept the butterfly theme going for Mother's day,  Ella matched her gift to grandma

Great Grandma Alice feeding Ella

Grandma Jeanne holding Ella

The moms on Mother's day with baby Ella
I wanted to add a picture of my gift. Nate designed a necklace charm. It is Ella's initials in the shape of a heart and it contains her birthstone. I love it. 

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