Friday, May 31, 2013

2 Months...Mom is in denial about this

My baby is 2 months old (3/30/13). I cannot believe it.  Before her doctor appointments, Nate and I like to guess her weight and see who wins (Price is Right rules).  Guesses before the 2 month appointment: Nate, 8 lbs 13 oz; Emily, 9 lbs 2 oz.

Actuals: 9 lbs 4.2 oz, 22.5 inches long and head circumference 37.75 cm
So, the one lugging the baby around the most was right :) no prize for winning, just bragging rights.

The rest of her well visit with the doctor went well. They continue to be impressed with her. She holds her head well, started rolling from her tummy to her back at 6 weeks, already tries to stand and walk when you hold her and is very alert and chatty. She gave everyone smiles and performed well. We did well until it was vaccine time. The doctor was done with her exam and blessed us off for 2 more months, and then in comes the nurse.  My poor baby got 1 oral and 2 shots.  I have never heard her scream like that, broke my heart. I will admit that when the nurse left us and I was holding her that I cried. I know that I'm doing what I think is right for my baby, but I put her in pain.  I was able to calm her down in a few minutes and we made a stop on the way home to pick up the baby tylenol...and it was a life saver. Ella was fussy for the next 2 days.  No moderate or severe side effects, just the expected low fever and fussiness.

I did take some pictures of the band aids, just because they looked so big on her tiny thighs.

I also attempted to take 2 month pictures. My sister's sister-in-law gave me an awesome present for Ella's shower. White onesies, pink and white leg warmers and stickers showing what month.  I'm so not great at pictures, but here is my attempt. I also added a headband that came from a co-worker. I thought it was a cute ensemble.  Nate thinks she looked like an 80s workout girl (can't argue: leotard, leg warmers, headband).
Tired of her headband

One of the better options, but she still moved in this one!

Ooops! Can't see.

Her bear, so we can compare them as she grows.

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