Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Nate's first Father's Day was a success, if I can say so.

On Saturday I surprised Nate with taking him and Ella on Ella's first hike. This is a big deal since Nate has been talking about hiking and camping with all of us since we found out we were pregnant. Ella loved the hike. Nate carried her in his arms the first part and then we allowed her to be front facing for the first time in the baby bjorn.  She nodded off at the end. So, it looks like we will be able to do camping trips as a family as soon as she gets a little bigger. Glad that she loves being outside like her parents.

On Father's Day, I surprised Nate with breakfast. I made pancakes (for the first time), bacon and cheese eggs. He loved it. We then relaxed, he got his gift and cards and then we headed to his parents house to celebrate with the family.

I made Nate a desk calendar, starting this month, with pictures of Ella. 
We enjoyed time with Nate's family and a lovely dinner.

Uncle Ryan helping Ella walk 

Ella snuggling with Aunt Kate

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