Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dinner at Judy's

Nate's Aunt Judy invited the nieces and nephews over for dinner.  We were able to make it and were actually on time. This was a big deal since Ella slept longer and was not feeding well (I blame her 2 month shots on the messed up sleep/eat schedules).  Ella was pleasant and I think everyone that wanted to hold her was able to.  By dinner time, she decided she was hungry too. Nate and I ate in shifts so that I could feed her while he ate and then he would hold her so I could eat. Unfortunately for everyone there, Ella did her typical "fussy" routine after dinner.  We had to leave earlier than we would have liked, but it was a successful visit and excursion.

It was wonderful catching up with everyone. I tried to take pictures of everyone holding Ella.  Kathleen was also just recently back from her trip to China and brought the hats. Good times. I look forward to the next family event, as I love that Ella is getting to know everyone.

We finally got David to hold her. See David, she doesn't break. Sorry you got her at the end when she was fussy.

Katie had her all calm on the swing.

Getting in some last cuddles with Aunt Kate and Uncle Ryan, she  loves them.

Kathleen just made a new best friend

Katie making friends with Ella

Phil finally gets to hold her

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