Monday, June 3, 2013

Garage Sales

I just wanted to document the amazing deals and baby/toddler/kid items I've been able to pick up at local garage sales. I have been bitten by the garage sale bug, and I could be going to more if she was bigger. Taking a newborn out to these is hard to do. I want to give Nate a shout out for helping on most of these trips. I have been able to pick up books, clothes and toys 75-90% off the retail price, and almost everything is in amazing condition.  I hope some day she appreciates my deal finding skills.

Technically, this was good well, but it was clearly garage sale leftover day when I was there.

A bag of clothes for a few bucks, and I got all of this!

The 1 book I bet Nate has to read over and over again...

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