Thursday, July 4, 2013

Extra Ohio Time

Due to my dad's stroke, Ella and myself spent some additional time in Ohio. Nate was able to come in for the weekend but had work and travel for work during the week.  Ella and I stayed with my mom and we were able to visit dad/grandpa in the hospital and spend time with my sister and her family. We are trying to focus on the positives of this situation. My dad continues to improve. I will write separate posts on his progress. Here are some snapshots from the Ohio time. My dad was moved from the facility in Lima to one in Columbus on July 3rd, so we traveled into Ohio over the holiday.

Rocking the fourth of July outfits. Cuddling with dad. 

Nate took a walk with his niece Savannah. At some point the walk ended for Savannah and she got a ride back. 

Nate getting in some play time with Ella while we were visiting the Eves

I picked up a jumper for Ella since she loved her cousin's so much. 

My Eve ladies. Cici is sitting in her high chair and trying solids. Of course Sav is trying to help. 

Time with grandma. My mom trying to get Ella to fall asleep. It actually worked. 

Ella made a new friend. Nate's cousin Colleen is at OSU and came over to the hospital to watch Ella so I could visit with dad. 

Latest trick, working her way onto her side and then she just balances there. 

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