Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Lake, Part 1

The annual trip to Lake Erie this year was more exciting than normal since it was Ella's first time going.
She is the 5th generation to go to VBP. Nate and I hoped she would love the water since we both do. The lake is normally very cold, so we were not sure how she would handle it. I'm proud to say that Ella loved the water, the beach and all of the extra attention from friends and family. Ella got to meet more of the Deans, more Winschel cousins (2nd/3rd cousins? Not sure anymore the relation to Ella), more great aunt and uncles and family friends. It was an atypical week. No rain, and very hot. Nate and I had wonderful help from family and even got a date night! Here are some of my favorite photos. 

Our first sunset as a family at VBP
Spending time with Uncle Matt
Ella's first time in Lake Erie. She didn't cry. We take this as she likes it. 
Taking naps in the sunshade. I love this photo, Ella patting daddy on the head. So sweet. 
Swimsuit and hat #2
Proof that I was there too.

Loving on cousin Paul
More love from Uncle Matt
Playing in the water with Grandpa David
Sunset late in the week with family
Great Aunt Suzanne. It was a windy day. 
Trying to take a nap during the wind storm. Rocking her whale beach blanket, compliments of Great Aunt Cindy H. 
Playing with Grandma Jeanne. Teaching Ella new tricks. She loves to stand.
Chatting it up with 2 of her Great Aunts, Judy and Suzanne.

How can you not love this place? Looking for sea glass (a.k.a. Lucky stones) and getting splashed by the waves.
Tradition to take a family photo when you leave.

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