Friday, July 12, 2013

My cat

So, I have a cat. It is not Nate's cat. He does not claim her. The cat annoys him. Actually, I think it just her existence and her hair that annoy him. So, we now have a fish. It was a present for Nate. So now we have Nate the beta fish. The fish lives in the nursery and the cat has ignored the fish....until now.

Nate returned from Ohio and the fish's water was very low. Also, items that were sitting next to the fish bowl were knocked on the ground. The fish was cowering under his plant. We came to the conclusion that the cat was drinking the fish water. Crazy. My cat just isn't smart enough to get the fish. Anyway, at first I didn't want to believe that my sweet cat was doing this. Then, one day while nursing Ella I watched my cat walk into the nursery, hop into the crib, hop onto the cube that the fish sits on and stick her head into the fish bowl and start drinking. 


So, I am now having to watch the cat anytime the nursery door is open. I also got to change the sheets on the crib. 

I love my cat. 
Ella and Ava (cat)

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