Saturday, April 19, 2014

First Baby Bryce Visit

Nate and I were made an Uncle and Aunt again, and we gained our first nephew! Welcome to the world baby Bryce Francis Andrulonis.

He was born a week before Ella's birthday, so we didn't have a chance to get out to visit for a few weeks. Once we did, it was a wonderful visit with Ryan, Kate, Baby Bryce and Ace. Ella loves her new cousin, and we are also in love with the new addition to the family. Here are a few photos from our weekend visit.

Nate's first snuggle with Baby Bryce, it was the morning, so we aren't looking our best, but we didn't care. 
Love him so much, love how he is just looking up at me. Such a handsome little man.

Bryce checking out his new swing.

Ella is so happy to see her buddy, Ace, again. Not sure how Ace feels, but he is so good with her.

Have to post Nate rocking the OSU shirt :) Ella playing outside.

Uncle Matt came over for some baby snuggles.

Ella with her Uncle Matt.

I just love this picture, content baby and happy new mom.

Bryce's first selfie.
Ella getting in some time with her Uncle Ryan.


A sleeping Uncle Nate with a happy little Bryce.

I stole the baby for a little bit. They get big so fast.

I love the crab on the bum!

The cousins take their first of many walks/hikes together. Happy mommas too!

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