Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014, Family Fun

There were plenty of big things going on this month, but here are some of the little things you may not know about. There were visits to Ohio to help clear out my parents house and prep it for sale. We had family outings and hikes. Lunch out with friends, this is a big deal since we do not see each other enough. Crafting by Emily. Ella got a new swing. Ella just keeps getting bigger. Where is my baby going?
Hiking along Brush Creek at the park. Ella on her daddy's shoulders.

Lunch date with the Hopkins. Ella and Aiden are so cute together.

Checking out geese and ducks at North Park after our lunch date.

Getting so big...left overs from her party.

My Easter wreath. I'm getting pretty good with this type of wreath. Love Ella wearing her bunny shirt in the shot.

Yes, Ella is rocking her fuzzy boots over her PJs, she asked for them. She is a diva when it comes to the shoes. She knows what she wants. Definitely my daughter.

Ella and her new swing!

She is getting pretty good with her utensils...dumping out of food happens at every meal when she is bored.

The new light weight stroller is a hit. Ella won't get out of it so I can put it in the car.

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