Friday, April 4, 2014

Ella, 12 months

12 Month Appointment Stats:
29.25" 17.5 lbs and 45 cm head circ
Ella continues to be long and skinny. She is in the 20th percentile for weight and keeps moving up in length and is now 60th percentile. Her head stays about average. She is remaining consistent on her growth chart, so everyone is happy with this. I'm just happy I didn't get yelled at because she is so skinny. She is pure muscle, and looks like a Winschel baby :)

Ella loves to walk, she has pretty much given up crawling.
She loves animals, and trips to the pet store are a favorite activity.
She eats most baby foods and uses her few teeth to eat whatever actual food she can get her hands on. She will try anything at least once.
She enjoys swimming with mom at the Y.
Ella continues to expand her vocabulary. At her 12 month check up the doctor told me to stop listing her words because she was already at a 15 month level. Not surprising, she is taking after her dad with talking early. She says a lot of animal sounds, and starts off every day by saying "hi kitty."
Some current word favorites: Ball, kitty, woof, mama, dada, baba
She is still long and skinny.

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