Thursday, May 22, 2014

Animals, Play Dates and more

We made our first trip to the Animal Park in May, had a bunch of play dates and took Ella to Soergels for the first time.

You can feed so many animals here, the deer are always begging.

These monkeys scared Ella, not sure why.

Selfie with mom

She isn't sure what to think about llamas.

All the kiddos

Lily and Ella checking out the prairie dogs.

Lily gets to feed the giraffes.  
Petting zoo time, and Ella has warmed up enough to run around.

Play date shot of the kids first visit to the Animal Park.
Ella running around the little village at Soergels


Ice cream ends a perfect day out with Mom and Dad
Play date, playing in the tent with Nate and Lily

Evie and Ella found Wriggley

Ella and Lily having a snack together.

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