Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baptism of Bryce

Nate and I attended the baptism of our nephew. It was a Catholic baptism, so I don't have a background to give good details. Bryce did very well, and was a well behaved baby. It was a beautiful church and ceremony/service. It was wonderful seeing family. Just some pictures to share this special event.

Ella with her Great Aunt Nancy.

God father, Matt

God Parents

Ella playing with Grandma Jeanne's necklace.

I took the fussy little one outside to play during pictures, so I don't have any of all of the family with Bryce, sorry. Ella doesn't last longer than 20 min somewhere where she needs to be quiet. Thankfully we found fish and a wonderful place to sit outside and play.

Family shot with the little cousins.

Ella and Bryce meeting again.

Uncle Nate got a few moments with his nephew.

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