Monday, December 30, 2013

9 Months

Ella at 9 months

I cannot believe how much our little girl has changed. She crawls super fast and sometime uses her right foot instead of knee (a half bear crawl).  This has all been a surprise to the cat, who has almost been caught by Ella a few times.  Other areas of the house are becoming accessible as she can pull herself up on the furniture and has begun to cruise along it and has even crawled up the first stair on her own (with me watching closely from behind).  She waves and claps. She loves to play with all of her toys, and has bow started carrying some of hem with her when she crawls.  We've recently supplemented her toys with a learning table and one of dad's drums. This allows her to play while standing. Her favorite toys are her stuffed dog and anything that makes a rattle noise.
The Christmas tree and all of her special holiday toys have been a big hit.  Bath time no longer involves the sling and so is now more interactive and more fun for her. She scoots all over the tub with her toys.  New foods are making their way on to the menu and she particularly loves the wagon wheel snacks. She still eats most baby foods and is learning to drink from a sippy cup. Kindermusik class remains a favorite activity and she loves to sing and dance (or laugh at me dancing).  She enjoys play dates with her friends and has been meeting new babies at the YMCA daycare when I do a workout. The ladies there love her, and always tell me how good she is.

STATS: 27.75", 15 lbs and 44 cm head circumference

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