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Ella's first Christmas, and all of the activities associated with this awesome and wonderful time of the year.
The ornament Nate made for me.

The first Christmas party was at Great-Grandma Alice's house. We went straight there from brunch with Santa. Ella did not want to nap and stayed up to play with all of the cousins and great aunt and uncles. She is such the party animal.

Meeting her Great Aunt LeeAnn

Meeting cousin Eleni

Meeting cousin Lauren

Ella even made friends with Lauren's BF Aaron, we like him cause he's a Buckeye.

We celebrated Christmas in Ohio on Christmas this year. Due to a terrible ice storm in Michigan which left 125,000 without power, including all of our family that live there, no family from Michigan was able to make it to the Ohio Christmas. This was sad, but we thankfully had two babies celebrating their first Christmases to keep us distracted and happy. We visited my dad (Grandpa George) in the ICU at OSU medical without the kids over the holiday.

Lorencen ladies in front of the tree at OSU Medical Center. We walked past them when they were putting this up week's ago. It is the prettiest tree, we just had to get our picture with it.

Ella found cousin Savannah's golf toy.

Aunt Colleen time, I love how they are looking at each other.

A play room with the girls, so much fun!

I am collecting babies!

Savannah wanted to make holiday cookies, and Uncle Nate requested his favorite, peanut butter blossoms. We had a fun time making holiday cookies.

Everyone helping, cookie making is serious business.

Christmas Eve cuties:

Posing in their Christmas pjs

Savvy sits still better than the babies

We asked Savvy to hold the babies so we could get a picture...the babies did not want to sit still.

Ella had Santa feet

Check out Cici's bum! Special pjs just for her!

I know this is fuzzy, but it is a family shot of all of us with a Christmas tree.

Grandma Rene` time

The snacks for Santa and the reindeer and a sweet note

The kids all played well together, and with two mobile babies it made life interesting.  Savannah was the clear winner with Christmas. Cecilia and Ella both didn't completely understand presents, but did a good job opening presents with the parents.

Christmas morning!

Christmas morning tree at the Eve house.

Cici opening the blanket I made for her

Sav showing off her new princess dress up clothes

Dad helping Ella open her baby princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty doll (Ella's first doll)

Ella opening her dino popper toy

Christmas dinner was amazing, we had crab, steak, potatoes and green beans. Candler Eve is an amazing cook and we ate well over the holiday. 

Ella has on her Christmas bib, time to eat.

It was so good

We had to come back to Pittsburgh the day after Christmas. We were able to make it to the "Barn Party" with the extended Winschel clan.  Ella was able to rock another one of her holiday outfits and cuddled with all of the cousins. She even got her Great Aunt Judy to walk her around the party!

Catching up with Colleen and Phil

Grandma Jeanne time

Ella is getting love from Colleen, Kathleen, Maureen and Kate

Bridget showing Ella the birds, she of course loved them.

Great Uncle Daniel with Ella and Great Aunt Marie with Gus, the babies loved the birds

How did Ella get Great Aunt Judy to walk her all around the barn?

The dress is gone to allow more movement, Ella found Gus and the babies chatted

Ella in her penguin pjs and cuddles with cousin Paul

The last Christmas was at our home with Grandma and Grandpa Andrulonis. Ella wore her last holiday dress and opened her presents.  So many new, pretty and fun items to check out.  We are very blessed to have so many family and friends to share the holiday season with.

Grandpa David helping Ella open presents

The beautiful jewelry box from the Andrulonis grandparents, Ella will love this when she is older

Grandpa David reading Ella her new book, "Good Night Pittsburgh"

Ella opening her present from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kate

Ella got a beautiful bracelet, it has an "E" for Ella. Thank you Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kate

Aunt Caroline sent Ella a present from SC, I think she likes it

Ella opening her presents from me, I made her a blanket to (one side is nature for Nate, the other has whales for me).

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