Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pre-Christmas Activities

Christmas tree shopping - Ella went with us to cut down her first Christmas tree. We went on black Friday (first day they were opened) to get our tree.  There was plenty of snow, so Ella was bundled in her snowsuit. Grandma and Grandpa Andrulonis came along and helped.

I'm trying to get a picture of all of us as we are on the trailer being pulled by the tractor out to the tree farm...very bumpy.

We found our tree!

Nate and Grandpa David cutting down the tree.

Time with Grandma Jeanne while the men cut down the tree.

The ride back on the trailer, we have our tree now. Ella is having fun and does not want to sit still.

Ella was able to open one of her Christmas presents from Dad early. He got her a pink sled. It had been sitting under the tree for a few days and then we had a decent falling of snow. We decided she should go for a sled ride. She loved it! Is there anything she doesn't like?
In our backyard, ready to go down the hill.

She made it and loved it. She squealed on the way down the hill. She is liking the snow more now than her first time.

Ella received a Christmas card from her Great Grandparents in Michigan. This led to another round of opening and trying to eat an envelope and cards. Utter cuteness.

Envelopes are so tasty.

Ella enjoying her Christmas card.

Ella gets to go shopping!!!

Don't you wish gift cards made you this happy? Thank you Great-Grandparents!

Ella is wearing the flashing Rudolph nose we found in the holiday decorations box. 

Ella wants to know what is going on...

...I cannot believe she let us do this.

The night before my birthday I was surprised by my friends bringing a cake to our ladies night out, they are such a wonderful group of women and I am blessed to have them in my life. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Siba (baby free) and did not rush home. On my actual birthday, Nate surprised me with a night out at one of my favorite places, Eleven in the Strip District. He had a private booth on the second level and there were roses waiting for us. Turning 32 wasn't too bad.

My princess cake, loved it. The story behind it is even better. My friend goes to pick out a cake, and sees this one. She has the bakery add the wording. They ask if she wants glitter, she says yes. The baker then says "my 3 year old grand daughter would love this cake".  Yup, I got a princess cake. Isn't it the best?!?!

Our present from the chef at Eleven.

The roses that were waiting for me at the table.

Ella met Santa and the results were as expected. She was fine sitting on his lap, loved his outfit, but the minute she looked up and saw the beard she started to cry. At least the Santa was awesome.

Checking out Santa, so far so good.

The happy baby didn't last long.

Minutes after the Santa meltdown she is back to her happy self.

Cuddles with Mom.

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