Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter Activities

Time is flying by, winter is here early. We had snow on the ground earlier than normal this year, so I took advantage of this and took Ella out to experience snow. She was ok with snow until she felt it. She does not like being cold and wet, however, she does stick out her tongue when outside with snow falling.

First time with snow.

Ella has started to pull up on the laundry basket. Her balance is won't be long now.  She enjoys her new toys that allow her to stand and play.

Helping me with laundry

Standing up with her stay piano

Checking out her walker toy

pushing up into a bear crawl position

Enjoying the baby proofed drum Dad gave her (Dad is sharing part of his actual drum set)

Ella had a few reasons to start getting dressed up this holiday season. The first was a gender reveal party for her new's a boy!!!

This is a dress that won on project runway, I think Ella wore it best.

Aunt Kate swinging at the piñata.

Uncle Ryan swinging at the piñata. It broke...and it is a...

Boy!!!! Blue candy to announce the gender.

Ohio visits continue as my dad (Ella's Grandpa George) is still in the hospital. He had further surgeries at OSU medical. We were able to visit him on a home game day, this allowed Ella to see the Shoe on game day and tailgaters. We of course had to take a picture with the Brutus Buckeye at the hospital.

Ella in her Buckeye gear and Grandma Rene` in her Spartan outfit.

With Brutus Buckeye at the OSU Medical Center

Training Ella now, go Buckeyes!

Ella helped me wrap birthday presents for her Uncle Matt and then make a cookie cake for dad. We all know she really just wanted to eat the wrapping paper, but she is a good helper.

Ella starting to pull up on furniture to get to Uncle Matt's birthday presents.

The cookie cake we made for Dad's birthday. My first try and it turned out great.

It passed the taste test.

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