Saturday, March 1, 2014

11 Months

I cannot believe my little girl is almost 1!

At 11 months, Ella loves trying new foods, all foods, mainly off of my plate.  Her favorites are blue berries, grapes, green beans, peas and cheese.

She is also a mover. She stands up and cruises along all items. Anything that she can push and walk with, she does.  She is very creative with her toys, and always finds new ways to play. She continues to chase and play with the cat.  Ella has also mastered waving, but will not do it on command. If you tell her something is "bye-bye" she will think and then wave.

Ella has always been a talker, and loves to babble and sing to herself and others; however, she is now repeating back sounds and words. "Kee" is for kitty, "Ga ga ga" is for go go go, and she still does mama and dada.

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