Saturday, March 15, 2014

St Patty's Day 2014

St Patrick's Day is a fun day with Nate's whole family. I'm not sure how ling this tradition has been going on, but I love it. We get bundled up and decked out for the parade downtown (pronounced "dahn-than"). We all drive to our favorite parking garages. We prefer the one closer to access back to the freeway, helps us get home faster. Then everyone hikes in and we all gather across from the William Penn Hotel.  We shout and cheer as the parade goes by. We get several of the dance troops to stop in front of us to perform. There are marching bands, animals, political cars, clubs, anything Irish or who can dress up in green is in the parade. This is Ella's first parade. She was not in the mood to have people loving on her at first. She pushed away most family as they tried to hug and kiss her. Ella needs time to warm up and she gets nervous in crowds. Sorry, this is a blend of both Nate and myself. Once she got warmed up to everyone she went to them and I got a break from holding her. We watched some more of the parade, and then headed to lunch. Props to the family for getting us a reservation that had a long enough table for all of us and a high chair. Only downside was no changing table in the bathroom, but we made it work ;) awesome day, such fun. Love this family I married into and I love how much they love our daughter.  Enjoy the Irish fun!

Someone is ready for her first St Pattrick's Day parade! Hoping she makes it without a nap. So cute!

Ella rocking the creation I came up with. I made the tutu, she can prob wear it for 3 more years.

And...the cute outfit is not covered, but she is still sporting her green.

Ella not sure about it all yet. The green scarf is actually the scarf Nate used to wear at the parades when he was little. Ella is carrying on the tradition.

Ella is off and playing with family. Uncle Daniel holding her up so she can see.

The parade

Our group, hanging out behind the parade and up on the hill


Aunt Nancy getting some Ella time

Baby free for a moment

Ella is losing her mind. "woof-woof! woof-woof!"

This is a family friend holding her, we didn't just let anyone take her.

I got her back...and now she has beads...hmmm

Phil finally got to hold her

Cousin time with Ella

Who has the best bow?

Double fisting her sippy cups!

Yes, the table for us is this long

Ella is playing with the pictures

Katherine got some Ella time

Playing with Uncle Matt, Kidesha and Aaliyah

Ella's outfit for Kindermusik...another reason to rock the tutu

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