Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some Bunny Special is 1!

Happy 1st birthday to our Ella!
It was a crazy, yet fun filled weekend.  We knew it would be a lot when we decided that for her first birthday we would invite all of our friends and family. We decided that since this was a milestone birthday, that we were going to share it, but going forward they will be a much smaller event. My family came to town and half stayed with us (the Ohio bunch), and the Michigan crew stayed in a nearby hotel. It was wonderful having my family all together in our home for the first time. So many great moments with the 3 great-grand daughters and their great grandparents. We had part of a day together before it got real...

I believe we had about 60 people (including kids) RSVP yes. Prep was crazy, but I think it all turned out great. I'm going to keep this short because I have so many of you to thank. Thank you to everyone who helped me prep, set up, help during the party, clean up and who gave me hugs through out. There were a lot of hard moments since my dad couldn't be here, but there were a lot of great ones too. Thank you for your love, understanding and support. Ella had a great day with everyone and you were all too kind to her and us with your gifts. Love you all! Here are the photos to help document such an amazing day.  I have so many pictures, sorry if you didn't make the blog.

My sister helping me set up the kitchen, to IEs...we better have this thing flowing great ;)
My pinterest win :) all pictures of my beautiful girl
The theme...I loved it since she was born Easter weekend 2013

All the bunny décor is up and ready for guests

More Bunnies!

The smash cake that never really got smashed

The largest birthday cake ever! I loved how colorful it was. Glad we shopped at our local bakery, they are the best!

Action shot

Ella is finally up from her nap and greeting guests

Cake time

She liked it, but wasn't sure about all the people staring at her

Grandma Rene` snuggles

Present time

Ella learning how to open her presents

Cousin Savannah helps

Ella and Dad opening some gifts

Great-Grandma from Michigan gets some snuggles
Play time in the new toy room

Aunt Colleen and cousin Cici

Great-grandparents and great Aunt Cindy from Michigan

Hopkins family

Ray family, the kids were off playing

Brehm family

Ella and Fleas, or her "woof-woof"

Great Aunt Marie, Great Uncle Gary and cousin Phil

Grandma Jeanne and Great Uncle Daniel

Great Aunt Judy and cousin Katherine

Great Aunt LeAnn and Great Uncle Chuck

My mom and her family (Great Uncle Clark not previously listed)

Uncle Candler and cousin Savannah

Grandma Jeanne got some snuggles from the birthday girl too

Where all the action was with Ella's friends

Great Uncle Michael and Vickie

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